The City of Miami = Russell Westbrook

You can tell two different stories with Russell Westbrook, they’re both true.

He leads the NBA in shots by over 350. He’s second in turnovers. He’s got the third worst field goal percentage of all starting point guards. He’s dead last in contested shots, he just doesn’t guard his man. Facts. But, if you like Russell Westbrook you don’t want to hear those. You just want to hear about his triple-doubles. This are also true.

Westbrook is similar to the city of Miami. I can line up truths about both. If you live in Miami you’d be offended and if you didn’t you’d agree. The good about Miami is that its ranked second in tourism in the United States for international visitors. I can tell you it has the number one ranked beaches, no state tax and number two nightlife. Fact. On the flipside they have the 6th worst congestion. Their public school rankings, below average. Third worst income inequality and they get hit by hurricanes. Yes, they are also facts.

Some people would never start a family in Miami. I’d move their tomorrow. it all depends on how you see the world.

I’ve never not acknowledged what an incredible talent Westbrook is, lets make that clear. But when Kevin Durant leaves him and we see guys like Kobe Bryant in glamorous Los Angeles struggle to get teammates can you start to understand why taking 400 more shots than the next guy might also make it hard to play with him. It’s the same with Carmelo Anthony in glamorous New York. These players come from the same mould and no one wants to play with them and Russell Westbrook is at a further disadvantage because most people don’t want to live in Oklahoma City.

Like the city of Miami with its beautiful beaches, tourism and no state tax. Along with its poor school, congestion and hurricane issue. Both facts are true. You see MR. Triple-double. I see a ball centric, dribble out the clock, play no defence, stat obsessed player, that stars eventually will applaud on social media but tell their agents, no thank you. Jimmy Butler could go there, he will not. Paul George has come out and said he would rather play with Gordon Hayward in Salt Lake City.

I’m not anti Westbrook, I’m not anti Miami. Just because someone doesn’t tell the story that you don’t want to hear doesn’t make it untrue. It just depends how you want to see the world.


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