Tony Romo Leaves the NFL to become a broadcaster!

Lets talk some Tony Romo.

So the story is now out that Tony Romo is sort of, kind of, not really, yes his, wait I’m confused.

Tony Romo has been hired by CBS to replace Phil Simms as an analyst. Let me start with this. He’s 37, three times he’s broken his collar bone, two times he’s had serious back fractures, he’s had a ruptured disk. Put it this way, looking at his injury history, if he was a fireman, an oil rigger or a builder, someone would have said hey dude you ever thought about landscaping? You’ve got young kids, its time to retire. You don’t even get tackled if you work on an oil rig, fireman don’t get tackled. The point being he’s 37 with $60 million in the bank I’m okay with him retiring.

This also came down to the fact not a single team could give a up a draft pick for him. Yet he had two broadcast companies that showed a lot of interest. Sometimes you go with the people that show you love. As former Georgia head coach Mark Rick once said, the key to recruiting is you’ve got to show them love, to them they are the most important recruit. It’s okay sometimes to marry the person who truly loves you, it’s okay to date the person who treats you best. CBS and a host of other companies showed Romo a lot of love. In the NFL, the cowboys didn’t show him that. Denver? Kansas? No, even a team like Cleveland wouldn’t trade one of their eight million draft picks.

Tony probably woke up one morning and said I’ve got a tonne of money, I’m 37, I’m starting to look like Frankenstein with all these injuries and I don’t want to be limping around with my kids when I’m in my forties. I’m going to go an be a broadcaster. I 100% don’t have a problem with that.

Now there are some reports that say that Romo will go back to the Cowboys if they ever need a quarterback, I’m not quite sure how to reconcile that with CBS but hey whatever.

How good is Tony Romo going to be as a broadcaster I don’t know but CBS just got rid of their number one guy. I have a rule in life that I’ve always used. Almost nobody is great at anything. When quarterbacks get drafted I’ve always said, yeah they’ll be pretty good. They’ll be pretty good. There are only four QB’s on the planet that are great. FOUR! Most aren’t great.

Is Tony Romo going to be a great broadcaster. Yeah he’ll be pretty good. But guys like Troi Aikman went to NFL Europe for several years to practice. He then went into a three man booth when he didn’t have to talk as much. Then he went into a booth with Joe Buck and has eventually overtime has become great. He really is. Chris Collinsworth bounced around in a lot of second teams. Did some college, did some pro. Started a business on his own. Nobody thought he was great until 6 years ago when he started working with Al Michaels and a lot of people who work with him feel great. That’s it those are the only two guys who are considered great.

It’s one hell of a role of the dice to replace your number one guy with someone who has never done it before. Just a simple fact you’re going to get better with time and the hardest thing to do in American sports is live game analysis. You have to be brilliant for seven seconds, 209 times a game. No script, every play is different.

I think in the end Tony looked at his life and despite his inexperience he went with the people that showed him love and despite his immense talent he turned his back on the NFL.

If you don’t agree with me take a listen to The Ringer, the boys have some interesting thoughts on Romo and his future.


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