Tom Brady’s dominance will keep Jimmy on the bench

So Robert Kraft was talking at the NFL’s owners meeting and talks about Brady.

Think of yourself as the backup to the greatest quarterback of all time and you hear your owner say that he’ll be happy to play for another six or seven more years. Hey, Brees just threw for 4,500 yards and Lebron James is going into his 14th year with career highs in multiple categories.

Bellichick has been very smart. They have good O-lines, efficient running games and a lot of bubble screens. Brady can make those throws for a long time. This has meant that his backup Jimmy Garoppolo has become the Patriots 2 iron. Its always in your golf bag but you never use it. Anyone that ever played golf will have that one club that you hit with really well at the range but when you get out to the course you’d much rather use your 5 wood. That is Garoppolo. can fill in for preseason, looks really good for a game or two but if you’re him and you’re sitting there listening to that quote from his owner you must think to yourself, maybe it’s time. Don’t wait for the guy to retire. If you’re a presenter and you’re waiting for Gary Lineker to retire, don’t. Move to ITV or Sky that guy is never retiring. In this case especially even the manager who says you’re going to get the job, he’s going to leave anyway. It might be hard to leave New England with that culture and success but my takeaway when you hear the owner say that. It’s probably time to go.

Here’s another angle on this. Maybe, just maybe, New England aren’t all in on Garoppolo? The packers were all in on Rodgers to replace Farve. San Francisco was all in on Steve young, they let Montana walk. There is the chance that New England are only 75-80% on Garoppolo, They like Jacoby Brissett and they see Brady playing for another 3 more years.

The fact is that Garoppolo might want out, but he’s stuck and this is not good news for him. When you have management saying this you just can’t afford to stay that long, these are his vital years and he’ll be missing out on a massive payday. The reality is the Patriots could trade him and get some more draft picks and maybe another pass rusher and that would be beneficial for both parties. At the end of the day Garoppolo isn’t a key piece to another Superbowl.

Whatever way you want to look at it the Patriots seem to always have the power and with Brady and Bellichick at the helm they won’t be going away anytime soon.


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