Lebron James – A seasonal employee

For guys like Russell Westbrook the regular season matters. The same goes for James Harden. Theses are the guys fighting for the MVP padding their stats to stick out from the crowd. Kawhi Leornard cares about the regular season but his coach Gregg Popovitch saw that at the end of Tim Duncans career he didn’t care about the regular season. He sat him out.

Lebron James is like a seasonal employee for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Have you ever been to the south of Portugal in the summer? Its population doubles as people from around the country move south for work in tourism. Have you ever seen it in February? It’s a ghost town. Its seasonal. You don’t worry about ice cream sales in December. This is what Lebron has really become. His season is April, May and June. Not to mention July because of free agency he’s the kind of guy that gets on the phone and brings stars to play with him. He doesn’t need October to March. This happens all over the globe.

You can see for Westbrook, he’s trying to win awards now, he’s not about the playoffs. Lebron James has been in seven finals and has three rings. He’s not competing against these guys. He’s competing against Michael Jordan to be the best player ever. Tiger Woods, when he became a great, started dropping out of tournaments. You don’t see Serena Williams playing in the Hungarian open now do you? Once you’re a legend the game changes.

We’re okay with these athletes doing it. Why do we have a problem with Lebron doing it?

Lets be honest. Many people on Valentines day make a reservation at a restaurant. Lebron has a reservation to. Its called the NBA Finals and this will be his seventh straight appearance.

I know that fans get annoyed that when they spend money to go and watch the best player on the planet and he doesn’t play. I get that. But hasn’t he earnt the right to take a rest.

You can break down his career into his first seven years where he made the finals once and the next seven when he made the finals every year. In his first seven he played more minutes than anyone in the league and even since then he’s played the most minutes as well as the most games. This year there are eleven players that have played more minutes than Lebron. All of them are at least five years younger. Lebron James has already played 1258 games in his career whereas Jordan played 1251. He could rest the remainder of his career and played more than the greatest player of all time. This idea that Lebron has contract and owes it to the fans to play is absurd. How can you expect someone who has given so much to the game to play 82 games every year its just not realistic.

At the end of the day Lebron James is the greatest player in the world but what makes him even more incredible is he is also the leagues most powerful figure and no matter how many games he rests one thing is for sure he’ll me competing for a championship in June.




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