Odell Beckham’s trip to Miami at fault for his playoff drops?

Lots of people have said that the divisional playoffs were bad games. To me they might not have been the best but they were illuminating moments.

I think its a stretch to connect Monday on a boat in Miami, to Sunday on a football field in Wisconsin. However, if you want to criticise Odell today go ahead because you have a right to. When the superbowl comes around one of the rules I have is you don’t go out and party and you need 100% of your focus on the biggest game of your life. That’s not to say that if you go out its going to affect your play, but it gives people the opportunity to attack you for it if you then have a bad game.

In the same way if you’re a manager you don’t go to your Christmas party and get drunk. Have two fewer rather than one more because if one week later you don’t close the account there is no connection between the two moments. Listen guys don’t go to the strip club, you’re married, you have a ring on your finger. Now nothing may happen, but the optics are still bad.

After the game, Beckham put his fist through the wall and I think when he got home he thought he needs to grow up. Don’t dance on Sunday when you win and pout on Sunday when you lose. Be a man and be accountable both ways especially when you are the face of the franchise and even at a young age his talent has made him the face of the league.

There are people who want to make excuses for athletes. First of all it was freezing in Green Bay. It’s hard to catch a football when it’s minus 10. I don’t think you can connect Miami to what happened in Green Bay. However, not only were you on a boat, but you posed for a picture. This wasn’t TMZ or World Star being intrusive. This was an album cover. The optics are bad. We need to stop making excuses for athletes.

Political media does this all the time. We say, ‘well he came from a bad upbringing’ or ‘he was very poor’. Why does poor have to equal illegal. I keep hearing about Odell, ‘he’s young’, well he’s an NFL wide receiver how many do you know that are 53?

I don’t connect the two together but all I would say is there is a reason why you don’t get drunk at the Christmas party and married men shouldn’t go to strip clubs. The optics are bad and it offers up the opportunity for you to be a target.


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