Aaron Rodgers has been shown nothing but respect!

Tom Brady has a chip on his shoulder and he has a right to, after all he was drafted in the 6th round.

Here’s what’s interesting. If you look at Aaron Rodgers in High school he was quite small standing at just 5″10. To put that in perspective the average height for a quarterback in the NFL is 6″3.

Most people tend to dramatize their childhoods, we try to make it seem a harder journey than it actually is. Putting aside those who genuinely gave bad upbringings. The way your brain works is that maybe there is a bad moment and you make into a bad year. The Ferris wheel of our minds tend to over dramatize things.

So what Aaron has said is that he was overlooked. If you go back and look at his life, he’s been given a tonne of respect. Think about it, one recruiting service had him listed as a 3 star recruit and the 15th best player in California. The 15th best player in California this year was Bas Tagaloa who was the best defensive tackle prospect in Cali and he’s going to be  a UCLA Bruin. That’s 15th out of 200 ranked players remember.

He was also respected enough to be given a scholarship by Jeff Tedford who was considered the mentor to Chip Kelly, a true quarterback guru at Oregon and Cal. He was then drafted in the first round and got learn behind an all-time great in Brett Farve and then eventually replaced him.

So in his mind he was disrespected, I would make that argument that even if he was overlooked because of his size at first he is now widely considered to be the best talent at the quarterback position.

Don’t feel hard done by Aaron. You came from wealth and now you’re due to earn a $25m a year contract. Poor you.


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