Why do we view Jordan as the Messiah whilst we chip away at LeBron’s legacy?

Let me give you a sense of just how ridiculous all this LeBron stuff is.

Lets just take Kobe Bryant for example. In his first season he averaged 15 minutes a game out of high school. LeBron averaged 39. Kobe wasn’t asked to carry a franchise until maybe his eighth year because he had Shaq with him. LeBron was day one. Do you not think that emotionally wears on you as well.

Michael Jordan at 22 years-old was playing 30 games a year against college hacks. LeBron at 22, was playing in the finals, carrying an NBA franchise, playing 4000 minutes in a season. From age 18 to 25 LeBron didn’t have one of the most dominant players in the history of the game. He had Larry Hughes.

The king right now has played over 50,000 minutes. He’s already surpassed Jordan with seven years still to play. We don’t judge a car by how many times you open and close the doors or how many times you stop and start. You look at the odometer. Whilst Jordan was traveling regionally LeBron was moving nationally and often globally.

Jordan took two emotional breaks from the game. The year before his first he gave the Bulls no notice and only told Tim Grover that he was going to baseball. Selfish? We get angry at LeBron because when he went to Miami he held a press conference when he didn’t even know he was leaving Cleveland 24 hours before. Steven A. Smith is close to LeBron’s team and swears he would of broken the story days earlier but he just didn’t know. The way we have shaped Jordan’s career is silly and it might sound blasphemous but maybe sometimes it is hyperbole. At the end of the day he went eight years within Pippen and Worthy to win a title in college or the NBA. He did miss shots you know.

At the end of the day I’m going to give LeBron a pass. If you look at any company, your boss doesn’t always look at how many hours you’ve worked, but what are you totals, show me results. Jordan never made seven straight finals and I’ll be honest I’m not sure he could.

Emotionally. Twice. Jordan just said, I’m giving up. He was a ball hog initially in his career and was a coach killer. Finally Phil Jackson said to him do you want to score 60 a night or win titles? We have made Jordan into this Messiah and we chip away at LeBron every 15 minutes.

It’s baffling to me that anyone who watched LeBron’s game against the Celtics and not come away thinking he’s the MVP. The first meaningful game he’s played since the finals, a third game in four nights, 90 minutes of game time and he did what anyone who’s been paying attention expected. He ripped the heart out of the team that thinks they can contend with them.

Let me lay out some facts. LeBron now has 13 straight seasons averaging 25 plus points a game. No one else ever did more than 11. Not Kareem, not Jordan. He’s also averaging a career high in rebounds and assists. How many guys have ever done that in year 14? The list is LeBron, that’s it. In what people are calling a down year where the Cavs are limping to the first seed in the East. LeBron is the only player ever to average 25/8/8  with 55% shooting in a season. This might be his second greatest year ever statistically and he’s going to finish fourth in the MVP voting because everyone has lost their minds.

This is the second straight year that Kawhi Leonard will finish above LeBron in the voting. Can anyone explain this to me? just looking at the numbers you can’t find any rational reason to explain why.

This is a joke. We need to stop insulting LeBron’s legacy and start realising that we may be watching the man who will one day dethrone Jordan as the greatest of all time.


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