Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win 5th SuperBowl

People fight the word formula. Artists always want to recreate a new way of doing things every time. Let me tell you where formula works; parenting, science, maths, media, business and sports. Have you noticed who’s dominating sports now? UCONN women’s basketball, Alabama football, Barcelona, Real Madrid and the world champion New England Patriots. If you’ve ever watched that show Law and order, that’s what New England has become. 20 years of domination, a revolving door of cops, lawyers and detectives. they call it procedurals in television and in sports its a formula.

What’s fascinating about New England’s formula is that its not anti-player per say but its almost the anti-formula formula. They are never beholden to a diva wide receiver. Never beholden to an outspoken pass rusher. Never beholden to a cornerback who demands a new contract. Every game we take what you give.

Everyone thought Chris Hogan would have a big game yet he was irrelevant. In the Patriots three playoff games we saw a different game changer every time (Deion Lewis, Chris Hogan and James White setting records). They are never trapped into going through one way of playing or targeting one playmaker. If you look at there final drive, Brady had five different targets. Whatever new England did last week they will not do next week. You know they Steelers need Brown and Bell. You know its Rodgers and Jordy, You know Atlanta has those two running backs. Their formula is like no other but it works doing nothing that you expect.

Just like Law and order. You fall in love with that cop yet the next one is just as good. I loved that detective what happened to him? The new guy is just as good. We’ve got another attorney, I’m still watching. Watching Martellus Bennett yesterday you now know that he won’t be playing in New England next season. Individual players will never paralyze the organisation. We’re so anti formula but yet that’s how all the winners are doing it. The players are important but the system and the organisation is bigger. 99% of sports fans are praying that one guy doesn’t get hurt or that superstar signs a massive new contract. There is one formula in the NFL that works every time and it worked again on the biggest stage in football.

It doesn’t even matter if everything in New England’s formula works. Yesterday, there wide receivers made six drops, they missed a PAT and Tom Brady threw interceptions. All that matters to them is that if they stay together, you stay more thoughtful and more intelligent than the other team. The formula got them the win. I know this doesn’t sell marquee but if you look around this is what is dominating.

What we are watching right now has never happened before but it is the most impressive thing I have ever seen. Being a dynasty in the NFL is like being a billionaire in a socialist country. It’s not designed to work that way. In the NFL the best drafts last. In the NFL the best plays the best teams the following year. The players on the best team always want to get payed what teams cant afford. In the NBA you get a couple of superstars and you’re a beast for years, that much is understood. In Baseball and football there is no salary cap so whoever has the most money wins. What New England is doing has never been duplicated in the NFL. Player mobility has never been higher and the salary cap will hurt them the most as well as their competition. They’ve done this having to face Peyton manning in their conference, along with the legendary Steelers. With all these obstacles I don’t care who you give the credit to within that organisation. But one thing I admire is people who create success in a system that is built to be difficult for them.

New England will continue to dominate because of their mind-set. No days off. Belichick has actually come out and say that they are 5 weeks behind most teams in the NFL. How incredible is that? It is a boring old formula and its going nowhere. (rest of the NFL gulps)


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