LaVarr Ball says his sons are worth $1bn shoe deal!

LaVarr Ball is the father of three boys that play basketball at a joyous and high level. Lonzo Ball, his oldest son is something really really special player.

All of us have dreams, so you’re eight or nine years old and a lot of people will make fun of your dreams. I remember when I was sitting in my physics class in year 8 and me and my friend James drew a picture of our dreams and at the time. I was a formula one driver and I drew me behind the wheel of a McLaren. He drew a sports desk that said Sky sports on it. He kind of laughed at me and I laughed at him.

A lot of people right now are laughing at LaVarr Ball and his three sons. He came out and said that if any major sports company wanted to sign his boys, he wanted a billion dollars. Incidentally that’s what LeBron James’ lifetime deal at Nike is. Everyone is laughing. That’s not all upfront, ‘just’ $100m a year.

He’s created a brand called the big ballers brand and the motto of that company is ‘built for this’. Let me give you the motto’s of all the other big brands in that space.

Under armour is ‘Protect this house’

Nike is ‘Just do it’

Adidas is ‘Impossible is nothing’

It fits right it?

Now you might say, so what, he doesn’t have the financial capital? Let me ask you this. If Lonzo Ball goes to the Lakers and is special. With new president Magic Johnson actively helping him. Who’s going to be laughing at that figure then? If Lonzo Ball turns around the Lakers and is as good as people think he is. Who’s laughing then?

Don’t let people laugh at your dreams.

In 1994 a small company in a geographically isolated area started selling books online and people laughed at it and said we have book stores everywhere why buy them online? Well that company is Amazon. They just surpassed Wall-Mart as the number one retailer in the world and just won an academy award.

We can all laugh at LaVarr Ball, but if his son is as good as some people think he is and is as special as people think he is and goes to the Lakers resurrecting the biggest brand in American sports. Who’s laughing now?

$100million a year. And over 10 years, that’s a billion. That’s what the Lakers brand is worth to TNT and ESPN. If its worth it to them, then its worth it to Nike and the like.


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