Westbrook breaks single-season triple double record. I’m still not convinced

Let me lay something out there. I hope it never happens to you because it would certainly be a painful thing. Lets say you’re dating a woman you’re in love with and you think she loves you. You ask her to marry you and she declines. You go and get a haircut and ask her the next week. She declines. You get your teeth whitened because that’s what actors do and you ask her another way. She declines. You go and spend money you don’t have on a car and take her on an amazing date where you both have an amazing time. But yet again when you ask, she declines.

There might be moments when it feels right. But I’m afraid she’s just not that into you. It’s painful and it hurts, but you’ll probably go through one of those relationships in your life.

I’m listening to all the Westbrook fan boys saying ‘Aha another triple double last night, MVP?’ No. ‘But he scored 41 last night, MVP?’ No. I’m just not that into him. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching him play and I think he’s an incredible talent. I just prefer some other guys who are more efficient, are on teams that win more and don’t seem to want the individual awards quite as much.

If you line up the three main contenders for the MVP it’s pretty clear to me that Westbrook is no way near the runaway leader everyone thinks he is. Okay he leads them in points. But assists ratio? Harden. Better team? Harden. Field goal percentage? Leonard, who also has a way better plus-minus and is a way better defender.

You could make an argument for either of them. However, Westbrook tends to suck the oxygen out of the room. His team isn’t as good and he is going to have around 400 more shots than any other player. It’s okay he’s still great and I’d buy a ticket to watch him, which I can’t say about many players in the NBA.

She still likes you. Goes on dates with you. Often has a lot of fun with you. Just doesn’t always want to marry you. It’s not hate. She’s just not that into you.

There’s an interesting stat on Russell Westbrook that no one has on record. In the 10 games this year that he has shot the least, Oklahoma has their highest winning percentage. Discipline and moderation matters too. In that, I prefer LeBron’s 55% shooting, Leonards unbelievable defence and Hardens slightly better efficiency.

Westbrook is going to win the MVP and I have absolutely no problem with it. I might be a little out there with my criticism but I honestly don’t have a problem with it. I just think that he’s trying to make up for something.

You’re going to get a new job and make even more money. You’re going to show her that she really missed out. She didn’t want to marry you when you made a lot and she’s not going to marry you when you make that little bit more. She’s just not that into you. I’m just not that into Westbrook like I am with the other players.


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