The Warriors are guaranteed to make the Finals. The Western Conference isn’t great!

A lot of times in sports we see reality and myths. So, it gets really confusing when reality becomes a myth.

Some things were just never true, rumors about celebrities for instance.

Then you have facts, Wayne Gretsky, the best Hockey player ever.

Then you have things that used to be true and then you live off of reputation. An example of this would be SEC football, it’s just not the best conference when you take Alabama out of the equation. There is no second best program. If you look at the first round of the NFL draft excluding Bama players, it’s not dominated by the SEC. They were great and now they’re not.

The Western conference in the NBA is the same story. It used to be deep with so much talent and it no longer is. Everyone keeps telling me that LeBron has it so easy but in actual fact who do the Warriors have to go up against. Of the 10 best players in the West, the Golden State Warriors have four of them. They might not have Westbrook, Harden or Leonard, but they have all the others. I can’t put Damian Lillard above Klay Thompson, he doesn’t defend and doesn’t shoot the three as well. That’s including Blake Griffin and I don’t even know if I believe it. You might say how great Westbrook is but in the same breathe you tell me they are a one man team with no shot at the title.

Utah? Portland? The dysfunctional Clippers? You really think they can give Golden State a run? Of course not!

The thing you have to remember about the western conference is that they often have great dynasties or individual superstars. However, in the last 18 years the Lakers have won it 7 times and the Spurs have won it 6. Much like the SEC it’s top heavy. The two dynasties have dominated and for the record the Warriors are going to dominate it for the next 5. That’s what they’ll become.

People think that the San Antonio Spurs are going to push back against the Warriors but just like the Cavaliers in the East, they are guaranteed to get to the Finals for the rematch that everyone wants to see. It’ll be a walk. This isn’t college basketball when all you need is a good half and you can upset Duke. Who is going to beat Curry, Thompson, Durant, Green and Steve Kerr 4 times in 14 days? How about we start with, nobody! Portland was under 500 for most of the year for crying out loud. The Clippers might be fun to watch and I love Chris Paul but they are dysfunctional according to their own coach. The Warriors win by an average 17 points a night! They’re going into the playoffs healthy. Believe me, no one is pushing back.

I think we’re getting to the point now much like the SEC where a former reality has become a myth.





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