LeBron James and the Cavaliers will make the 2017 finals, don’t worry

We hyperventilated about the Dallas Cowboys all year. They’re this, they’re that, but nothing happened in the playoffs when it counted and New England went on to win another Superbowl. We tend to do this about regular seasons.

In the NFL I kind of understand it because year to year there are so many changes. If you just look at the NFC South, Carolina is great one year, then Atlanta gets to a Superbowl and two years before that the Saints were the team to beat. In the NBA, you can pretty much guarantee that the Warriors and the Cavaliers are making it to the finals.

You might hyperventilate about the Cavaliers and how they haven’t had great form and they’re missing games.. To me the mirror in the bathroom has been fogged and we just can’t see clearly.

The Boston Celtics are going to be the number one seeds coming out of the East and in my opinion they are the weakest one seed ever in the NBA. They’re not a bad team, they play real defence, have a great coach and a star point guard. They are certainly a playoff team and you wouldn’t be embarrassed if they were a three seed. It’s kind of like with the LA Dodgers, if Rich Hill was your ace then you’d have a weak staff and that’s the big difference. You might not have ever been to an NBA game but you can discern within 5 minutes who can and can’t play. Just watching the Clippers last night I could immediately tell that, Chris Paul was the best player on the floor, DeAndre Jordan is a handful in the paint and Blake Griffin is incredibly athletic. My best friend has never been to an NBA game but he could tell in about 5 minutes who were the better players.

Imagine you are LeBron James against the Celtics, they are going to send Jay Crowder to combat you and if gets in foul trouble it’ll be Amir Johnson. Not exactly a scary prospect is it? That’s why guys like LeBron can rest  and take nights off because he knows that the competition just isn’t that great.

To me we have just been hyperventilating and the mirror is getting fogged. You do realise the Cavs were 39-16 at the All-star break? They established themselves as the best team in the East then they took their foot off the gas.

If my friend who has never even watched an NBA game can tell after 5 minutes who the best players are, and LeBron looks at Atlanta in the East with Paul Millsap as their best player, can you understand why he took nights off. He is getting ready for Golden State and that has been staring us in the face all year.

The Boston owner acknowledged last night that his team are not on the same level as the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why on Earth have we been hyperventilating?



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