Predicting all the first round 2017 NBA playoff match ups

It’s crunch time people. No more sitting out games, this is the time of year that really matters in the NBA.

1 Boston vs Bulls 8.

To me this is the big upset watch. Now I know Chicago can’t shoot the ball all that affectively but they have the experience on their side and a toughness that is up there with the best. Dwayne Wade who’s won titles, Rondo who knows that team very well and arguably they have the best player in the series, Jimmy Butler.  I think this goes to seven games! I don’t have the guts to say that the Bulls come out on top but I think it will be very close. In the end though with their coach, defence and deeper bench, Boston will win it.

2. Cleveland vs Indiana 7.

I think this goes to six and it starts out being 2-2! Now maybe I’m just trying to get some excitement but I think Paul George will be a big factor. He has had a great March and this will be a great series for him since his leg injury that has slowed his career. He’s been tremendous scoring 29 ppg and has shot well from the field. He’ll have a go at LeBron and maybe get them two games and pushes the Cavaliers as they try to get back their swag.

I don’t really want to talk about the next two series’ because they are pretty irrelevant so I’m just going to pick the winners. I think Toronto beats the Bucks and Washington comes out in 5 or maybe 6 if we’re lucky against Atlanta. Teams that are going in the right direction, I just don’t want to talk about them.

1 Golden State vs 8. Portland

Now I think this will only be a 5 game series and the Warriors could make it a white wash but with the back court that Portland has I could see them maybe stealing a couple games similar to the Pacers in the East. C.J and Damian Lillard are terrific scorers on the perimeter but they don’t play any defence which is not a great recipe, especially when the other team is better at scoring than you. I like Youseff Nurcic a lot and has shown he can be a top player an will be a handful for Golden states big guys. That being said I don’t think this goes any further than 5 Games.

2. San Antonio vs Memphis 7.

I would have loved this series if we could watch Tony Allen but he’s going to be out with that injury which is a shame. I think Memphis is tough and play a lot like the spurs with a similar athletic make-up. However, the series will only go to 5 games. The Spurs much like the Warriors have to many play makers not to mention an experienced line-up that has done it all before. Leonard will dominate the Grizzlies shooters and I don’t think they have the scoring power to worry the Spurs.

3. Houston vs Oklahoma 6.

This to me is the best series of the lot. I like OKC’s size but I think with Houston’s bench and ability to shoot 3’s they’ll be able to come out tops in the closer games. Harden vs Westbrook  is a whole other game in itself. The highlights will be better tan necessarily a one on one match up. Westbrook will have a series of mind blowing and disappointing games, a couple for the ages and a couple where he tries too hard. Where as Harden will have a more consistent series without the rollercoaster ride of games. He might of had some struggles in the playoffs but with the better pieces around him he comes out on top. I’d love it to go to seven games but for me Houston takes it in 6.

4. Clippers vs Utah 5.

This is a strange series to me because historically LA has owned Utah. I like Utah don’t get me wrong but the Clippers who finished 9-2 down the stretch have the better players and experience. Chris Paul is finally healthy and DeAndre Jordan is a match-up nightmare for Utah who haven’t been able to protect the rim. As much as I love Utah and they are a great story I’m not sure this goes to 6 games.



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