Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (10-1)

Here are my top 10 prospects available in the 2017 NFL draft.

10. Reuben Foster, Alabama, line-backer

He did have that slip up in Indy when he was sent home from the combine but if you look past some of his immaturities you see a great physical line-backer with tremendous speed, side-line to side-line.

9. Leonard Fournette, LSU, Running back

Similar to Adrian Peterson coming into the NFL, he his fully ready for the physical tests that await him. I don’t think he is quite as versatile as Christian McCaffery so for me he is the second best running back available. A team gets an immediate 1000 yard rusher.

8. Mike Williams, Clemson, Wide receiver

He has the ability to be a true number one threat in the NFL. His strong hands, leaping ability and physical stature are off the charts. If he cleans up the easy drops he is going to be a great player and helps a team day one just through his size mismatch.

7. Christian McCaffery, Stanford, Running back

There is not a more pro ready, impact player available in this draft. He is a great running back with patience and physicality, but also has the ability to run an entire route tree with that constant home run threat.

6. Marshon Lattimore, OSU, Cornerback

Solid recognition and awareness suggesting a high football IQ. He is the premiere corner in this draft and can be a lock down player similar to a guy like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie with his range and speed.

5. Soloman Thomas, Stanford, Defensive-end

A more raw version of Jonathan Allen he dominates with his speed and power. He can be affective day one whether he plays inside or outside. His upside and how much teams value pass rushers could see him go as high as 2nd overall.

4. Malik Hooker, OSU, Safety

He hasn’t played a tonne of football but he is such a great athlete he could have played college basketball. He has great production and will be a top centre fielder in the NFL for a team looking to find the next Eric Weddle.

3. Jamal Adams, LSU, Safety

This guy is an outstanding leader who will make any locker room better. He understands the game extremely well and is the best safety prospect to come out in some time. I love all his intangibles and his hard nosed down hill style lends itself perfectly to the NFL.

2. Jonathan Allen, Alabama, Defensive tackle

He is one of the most technically sound tackles to come out of the draft in some years and his experience and high floor guarantees production. He will be brilliant inside and can even shift outside using his underrated quickness at the point of attack.

1 Myles Garrett, Texas A&M, Defensive-end

He has great talent and explosiveness. He’s an elite athlete and has the ability to bend on the edge when getting to the quarterback similarly to a former Aggie, Von Miller. He will get a team 10 sacks in his first year and promises to be a force in the NFL.



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