Deshaun Watson is a better version of Johnny Manziel

I watched the NFL combine and there seems to be a split decision on all of these quarterbacks as it continues to be the make or break position in sport. I’m going to go with the kid out of Clemson, Deshaun Watson.

I’m not saying he’s Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers. I don’t want to hear about ceiling. People keep saying that he has a lot less potential than Deshone Kizer. Ceiling is a luxury item when you’re average. To me if you have the number one pick, Myles Garrett is a luxury item, as incredibly talented as he is I think you should trade him and get four players. How many ceiling guys does New England have? How many ceiling guys does Atlanta have after Julio Jones?

‘Ceiling’ is the guy who owns a shiny new corvette and lives in a crap apartment. Don’t worry about the things that don’t matter going out on a Friday in a car you can only afford because you live like a student at age 35. Buy a house and obtain assets.

Deshaun Watson is an asset. You get stability, maturity, success, work ethic and production. Don’t worry about the ceiling go out and get guys who are reliable, sell the corvette and get something that has good MPG and spend your money wisely.

A lot of people loved Johnny Manziel. I had to fight people to get him out of their minds but we finally got rid of him. To me Watson is a better version of Manziel. Bigger, stronger, smarter, coachable and more mature. For two years I heard so much about Manziel because he was good against Nick Saban. Watson was great twice against Saban and beat him on the biggest stage in college football. How in the world can you love Manziel but you don’t get Watson? All of the intangibles and arguably more ability.

There were a lot of egos at the Aggies when Johnny played there and he was the biggest of them all. In contrast amongst all the egos at Clemson, Watson had the smallest elevating everyone around him and never fell into anything away from football. Manziel was in the middle of nowhere in Texas and found trouble. Watson avoided it.

Who was the best quarterback at the combine? Deshaun Watson. yet people are worried about his ceiling. For crying out loud give the corvette back! If you’re Cleveland or Jacksonville this is the guy. New England has a team of players with low ceilings. They don’t talk about it. Those running backs for Atlanta are one of the biggest weapons in the game and yet no one was talking about their ceilings.

If you go on YouTube it comes up with suggested videos. If you’re watching a video of Johnny Manziel, the suggested video is Deshaun Watson.



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