Antonio Brown gets $68M extension

There are certain things that I value that other people don’t. That’s not saying what you value is wrong. I have never valued watches, I don’t need fashion on my wrist when I have phone that tells the time. People spend a lot of money on watches, boats, cars and I’ve just never seen the value in them. Then there are things I do value more than others, for instance, reliable co-workers and decent toilet paper, never go cheap on that.

In NFL in general everyone values the star receiver and yesterday in Pittsburgh they went insane. They are giving Antonio brown, a top 5 player at his position, $18M a year. That’s a million dollars a Sunday. That is something I would never do. If I give you the Patriot receivers they have a seven man corps that earns a combined $19M. In the build up for the Superbowl everyone was obsessed with how New England were going to cover Julio Jones yet it was Atlanta’s running backs that did all the damage in their early lead. In week 3 of the regular season Julio had one catch and his team still scored 45 points. Twice this year they were without him and still scored 40 plus. When Atlanta got a good offensive line and dangerous running backs they made a run at the Superbowl, it wasn’t Julio.

Calvin Johnson retired and left the Lions, they got better. Philadelphia let Deshaun Jackson leave, they went 10-6. Kansas let Dwayne Bowe leave and made the playoffs the next year. Seattle let Tate leave and they got back to the Superbowl. That’s the same case with Carolina as they watched Benjamin and Smith leave and competed for a championship. I’m not paying wide receivers $18M a year.

The best wide receiving corps in the NFL is the New York Giants. One and done in the playoffs. For all of their pre Madonna antics and dancing celebrations they couldn’t get it done when it mattered. There are some things I’m not going to pay for. New England took Julio and Brown out of the game in the playoffs and teams all around the league can scheme to make sure they don’t have an impact. There is only one receiver in the NFL that you can’t game plan for and that’s Odell Beckham Jr. Yet, his emotions always get in the way of his success and teams can easily get in his head that’s not what I want on my team.

I’ll spend a lot of money on quarterbacks because they’ll give you stability for years if you find the right guy. If you give me a world class pass rusher I’ll spend some money. A dominant left tackle is your insurance, you need to pay that. Wide receivers, boats and watches? No way. My Dad has always said to me there are two things he’ll pay for. Education and experiences. That’s it. He said it doesn’t matter if I go down the wrong path but if I have great education even if I’m a crook I’ll be the smartest cocaine dealer. He’s always says that when he’s in heaven or in a box somewhere I’ll always remember the holidays we went on, not the watch I got for my 21st birthday.

You can do a lot in this league without a star receiver, but not without a good quarterback, o-line and a pass rusher.


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