All of about the NBA as the playoffs get underway

The Kawhi Leonard love fest


Kawhi is an excellent player and I’m really excited to watch him progress as he continues his career. However, here’s what I know. In the next round he won’t be the best player in the series James Harden will be. If he gets past the Rockets then he won’t be the best player in the next round, Durant will be. Even if he gets through that test he won’t be the best player in the finals, LeBron will be.

We need to slow down on this whole ‘Kawhi is the best player in the league’ thing. How many times in his ‘illustrious’ career has scored more than 40 points? The answer is once. What do you think his career high in assists is? It’s on seven. Since he’s come into the league, LeBron James, the actual best player in the league, has had more than that 213 times.

Can we please all calm down. Oh but wait. ‘Kawhi’s defence is what sets him apart’. He might be an excellent defensive player, but as we’ve seen across the history of the NBA. As your offensive work load increases, your defensive production drops. That’s why the Spurs were marketably better defensively this year when Leonard wasn’t on the court.

He might be one of the top seven players in the league at the moment but I’m sorry he’s nowhere near the number one. As long as LeBron is still in the league, the best feature you can say about Kawhi is he plays the most like him.

The Boston Celtics made a mistake not trading for Jimmy Butler

To most Celtics fans for last decade, they’ve always been a jump shot away from winning a title. It really doesn’t matter and it’s not true.

Darrell Morry, the GM of the Rockets, said last week that we’ve lost track of winning. Whether it be AAU, resting stars, even the NBA All-star game and to his point, even the MVP. If Russell Westbrook wins the MVP he will be the first player in over 30 years  whose team had absolutely no shot at winning the title. 300-1 odds.

I think we’ve lost track of winning when we talk about GM’s to a degree because all I’ve heard the last four years is that Danny Ange fleased the Brooklyn Nets and Boston is going to go on a run for the ages. Well, since that trade happened if you look at playoff games won, Boston are 20th with two, the Nets are 16th with seven and LeBron James on his own has 45.

The Celtics felt they needed to hold onto their draft picks seeing them as precious assets and refused to go and get one of the top 10 players in the sport. Whether it be Jimmy Butler, Paul George or even Demarcus Cousins, who they could have got for free!

They have a one in two shot of not getting a top two pick. If you don’t get that then you have to pick Josh Jackson who is three to fours years before he’s ready to be an impact player. Even if they get Fultz or Lonzo Ball, they are bringing in a star point guard when the best player already on your team is an undersized point guard going into a contract year. The Celtics had a chance to try and win but they’ve misjudged this.

They’re trying to wait out LeBron and his dominance. The guy is going to make it nine or ten in a row. Why are you waiting that long? If they called Chicago and said we’re giving you a top five pick from this year and say Jalen Brown, they 100% would have taken it and you could have seen Boston as a dominant force in the East.

If you look at who is winning in the playoffs its the guys with real experience not the exciting young players with all the promise in the world but aren’t going to win you anything now.

Does LeBron James deserve more credit for never being hurt in the Playoffs?

We take Lebron’s sustained greatness for granted. In 2003 he was phenomenal. It’s 2017 and he’s still phenomenal. In 2003 I was in primary school. In 2007 I’d just started secondary school whilst LeBron is putting up 48 points against the Pistons. 2017 I’m at University and LeBron is still the best player in the world.

LeBron has started off the playoffs with a rather pedestrian 30/7/16 on 60% shooting. In the last 34 years that’s been done three times in the playoffs. Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and LeBron. That’s it. The next night he put up a stat line that has never been done before.

His first two playoff games, after six straight finals and a heavier workload than anybody he puts up those kind of numbers. No one is talking about that instead we’re talking about whether or not Kawhi has passed him as the best in the league.

Everyone take a deep breathe.




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