All about the NBA as the first round gets decided

Should the Clippers dump Blake Griffin?

I’ve been pretty good at recognising when certain players are going to become stars. I never bought into Melo and I never bought into Blake Griffin. I used to call him the best volleyball player in the league because he can’t shoot the ball from further than nine feet.

I watched the Clippers against the Jazz last night and it was clear that Chris Paul was the best player on the floor. It wasn’t even close. I know that he might not be beloved across the league but I don’t care. Hell, Michael Jordan punched teammates yet they all jumped on his bandwagon.

I also think that DeAndre Jordan just dominates when he’s on the floor. It’s almost like he changes the direction of every shot down low. I’ve got to admit, they need to move Blake, whether they lose in this round or the next. They’re not winning a championship. As Blake gets less athletic you lose almost all of his value. He had one three in that game and the rest he was virtually under the net taking up space needed for Jordan.

I don’t want to act the guy can’t play because he is still averaging 20/9, on a good playoff team. He’s still a star. However, if you had to get rid of player to change it up then he’s it. If it were me I’d be trying to get Paul George for Blake. We know he wants to be in L.A. Can you Imagine Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Paul George? I like that scenario and they’ll be a threat.

The other option is that you sign Blake for another year and then trade him for Paul George next year at what will probably a lower price.

Westbrook vs. Harden

I’ve been quite critical of the triple-double. I think that Westbrook will play well against the Rockets tonight, but what if Westbrook goes out tonight and plays poorly? I think that people then have to start looking at all the euphoria of the regular season and see that they fell for the triple-double crap.

People might say that the triple-double is this hallowed mark and nobody thought it could be done. He was certainly the most dynamic player in the regular season. But valuable?

LeBron James didn’t have the best season but when it’s all said and done you could put him on any team and they would immediately become a contender. Is that not the definition of valuable?

People seem to have a different definition of valuable. In a relationship you want to have someone who is loyal, dependable and who you see a future with. You don’t want to be with the one night stand that you can’t rely on.

That’s value.

Is Durant’s injury trouble becoming an issue?

When LeBron James’ career is done we’ll look back at his attributes and say the his durability is like 10th on the list. No, it should be second.

Kevin Durant went out last night and played against the smallest team that he’ll play in the playoffs and immediately gets hurt. You could tell after the game that Warrior coach Steve Kerr was a little ticked off. In most peoples eyes Durant is the second best player in the league but in the past, there have been accusations that he is Mr unreliable. Does this mean that there is some truth in it?

If he’s getting hurt against Portland I think Kerr will tell him to take some time off. You can’t blame him for his injury in the regular season but he’s been getting these niggly injuries for a number of years. If you look at the history of the game, the all-time greats never had his injury issues.

Here’s a scary scenario for Durant. What if they win it all without him? In my opinion he then has to leave. I find this absolutely fascinating. His MCL is the most interesting thing in the Western conference. The Warriors are even stronger favourites with him, but if they won it without him, does that call into question Durant’s ability to get paid in the offseason? President Adam Silver would certainly be lobbying for that to happen.

Just a thought.


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