Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s Russell Westbrook

The NFL has a Russell Westbrook, his name is Adrian Peterson. It’s been confirmed that he is going to sign with the Saints I don’t know why people care. To me, he’s the most overrated football player over the last 20 years in the league.

Like Westbrook he has an MVP. Both of them didn’t deserve it.

The Saints already have a running back named Mark Ingram, who’s coming off a career year so I don’t really understand the move from the teams point of view. Adrian Peterson won his MVP and in actual fact he was only worth a point with and without him. How many points do you think Brady and Ryan are worth? This is what I’m always saying about Westbrook. You fall in love with his triple doubles but with all of his turnovers and selfishness he isn’t good enough to win a title.

For years I was told how great Adrian Peterson was. These are the facts. He was an inconsistent run blocker, an awkward pass catcher and fumbled the ball too much. Ezekiel Elliot for Dallas is an elite run blocker, a dynamic pass catcher and is reliable with the ball in his hands. Elliot has had 600 carries in his career at all levels and has only fumbled once. To me he is so much better than Peterson

There was a point in time where he was unbelievable just like Westbrook. Impossible not to watch and have your jaw not hit the floor. So profoundly energizing and dynamic sometimes you would just have to sit and watch him. Where is his value though? So far he’s had one playoff appearance and in that game he only rushed for 63 yards.

Two years ago we were never going to see a running back taken in the first round, let alone the top five. Ezekiel Elliot has shown what the value of having a good offensive line and a back that will guarantee you 100 yards a game can get you. That’s as a rookie.

When Peterson finally had a good quarterback he rushed for 1300 yards, wouldn’t pass block and fumbled the ball. Elliot did everything and more as a rookie, not to mention over 2000 yards of total offense.

New England could have had Adrian Peterson for nothing but Belichick knows that he’s bad for his team. He can’t practise because of his injury history and has always been high maintenance within the facility. If an organization as well run as the Patriots isn’t going to take a punt on him just based on reputation and talent, then you know something isn’t right.

This is exactly how Westbrook is going to age. James Harden will stay in this league forever and shoot jumpers. He doesn’t jump, he just glides. The dynamic, vertical Westbrook will be done in three years.

In the end these jaw dropping players who want all the attention will go to the best teams and get no interest because despite the talent they don’t have the production to go along with it.

Right now the New Orleans Saints are the fourth best team in their division. Shockingly they were the only team interested in Adrian Peterson.

Don’t fall in love with dynamic, fall in love with production.



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