What a night for LeBron!

28 points, seven rebounds, six assists, no turnovers and plus 30 differential. That’s just the second half!! That may be the greatest stat line ever for an NBA player in terms of production and efficiency in playoff history.

All I hear is that Russell Westbrook has no talent around him and so has to take those shots. Did you see what LeBron was running with in the second half? Channing Frye, Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, J.R Smith and Tristan Thompson. Not exactly world beaters.

For LeBron it wasn’t just a compilation of numbers, once again he played more minutes than any other player. In fact even on his own team only J.R was even close with 31 minutes compared to Lebron’s 45.

LeBron and Matthew Delebadova took the record breaking Warriors to six games a couple years ago and you’re telling me Westbrook plays with nobody?

In 2007 LeBron took these starters to the Finals: Drew Goodun, Larry Hughes, Ilguscus and Sacha Pavlovitch. Otherwise known as a bag of marbles, they couldn’t win a softball league. Of course Russell Westbrook doesn’t play with anyone.

He might of had Wade and Bosh in Miami and now has Love and Kyrie in Cleveland. Guys who on paper might be superstars, but often get hurt and like last night, simply fail to perform so the coach sits them. I’m told Westbrook has no one to play with.

LeBron’s floor in this league is the finals and his ceiling is the parade. Westbrook is going to get swept in the first round. Yet you think he’s more valuable?

If you only look at the fourth quarter last night, LeBron entered it down by seven and ended it up by 12. Five for nine, three rebounds and three assists. The night before Westbrook entered the game leading by three and went four for 18, finishing minus seven. My bad, he doesn’t play with anybody.

I think some of the NBA beat writers should be a little ashamed. As LeBron sets records at aged 32, 28 year old Russell Westbrook is wearing a kimono and going four for 18. Once again LeBron had to save the franchise. Kyrie Irving came out after the game and asked the media if they were ever going to be amazed by what LeBron does?

Mike Tyson intimidated the heavyweight fighters that he eventually obliterated. I’ve seen Tiger Woods intimidate he’s closest rivals and just outclass everyone. Paul George is a top 12 player in the league, but last night he wanted no part of LeBron James late in that game. I’ve only seen this a few times in my life where athletes against their elite peers, have actually made them afraid.

It’s okay though because I forgot, Russell Westbrook doesn’t play with anybody.




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