2017 NFL Draft – Who added the most value?

Lets simplify things. The NFL has two seasons. August to the Super Bowl, that’s the game season. Then you have after the Super Bowl to August, which is lets get new players season.

I’m not one of these guys that believe you can reshape your team through the draft. Lets be honest, even guys like Mel Kiper know that it’s coin flip time with a lot of these players. I watch a lot of college football but half of these players I have never even heard of. The idea that you can completely revamp your team through the draft is ridiculous. It’s going to be trades, free agency, acquisitions and then the draft.

Lets start with the draft though. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only team that can say that every pick they took should of or could have been off the board by the time they picked. That tells you they got incredible value. To get O.J Howard is absurd. Before the draft he was my one guy that I thought it was impossible to bust. Chris Godwin in the third round was an absolute steal, he could start for most teams in the NFL. Even their 7th round pick Stevie Tu’ikoluvatu will definitely make the roster.

Let me tell you who I thought had an underrated draft. By underrated I mean people thought it was fine when in fact they made some great moves. The San Francisco 49ers’ first three picks will all start. In fact, Soloman Thomas and  Reuben Foster will probably come in and be two of the best players on that defence. Nobody else can say that about their draft.

The other thing to remember is that their new head coach is Kyle Shanahan and he has always been able to make offensive players better. They picked up some offensive guys on the back end including running back Joe Williams out of Utah. To me he is the steal of the draft. If you put him behind the Cowboys offensive line like Ezekiel Elliot did last year, you would immediately get 1300 yards on the ground. I’m not saying he’s Elliot but he is an absolute steal in the forth round.

I’m now going to say something that no one wants to hear. Get ready you’re not going to like it. Remember the NFL has two seasons. I hate to tell you this but, the New England Patriots, who the world hates outside of Boston, got the most production and they aren’t done.

They gave away a first round pick to get Bradin Cooks from the Saints and I guarantee that he will have more receiving yards catching passes from Tom Brady, than any of the first three wide receivers taken in the draft. They also acquired Kony Ealy, Dwayne Allen, Rex Burkhead and Mike Gillislie. That is potentially 80 games of NFL experience with guaranteed production. They also have the best quarterback and coach to elevate all of those players to Super Bowl level talent.

I know everyone outside of Boston hates New England. I know you don’t want to hear it, but the Patriots have won the offseason.

If that’s not enough for you take a listen to The Ringer, where  Mike Lombardi and Kevin Clark have a tough take on The Bears decision to trade up for Trubisky.


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