The Chicago Bears are a mess

Wow. Reports are surfacing today that John Fox, head coach of the Chicago Bears, didn’t even know they were going to draft Mitchell Trubisky in the first round. This is why Chicago felt like ad libbing to me.

I’m not saying Cleveland are the best run organisation in the world but they would have had to have been idiotic to pass on him at number one and then get him later. You just don’t do that. When it comes to a franchise quarterback, the NFL draft usually gives you one a year. If the team who is drafting number one overall needs a quarterback and doesn’t take him, that tells you something. They’d rather think about the veterans in the league, or the host of promising players coming out in the next couple of years.

I know it’s a shock but I’m actually giving Cleveland credit for not being a complete calamity for once.

My rule on the draft is that you should only ever move up to get a quarterback who you really like. Other than that, you should always try to move down and get more picks to build your football team. New England and Seattle both traded out and had more picks and production coming out of the draft than most teams.

Mitch Trubisky on draft night looked stunned when the Bears traded up to get him(As was every other person watching who wasn’t in the Bears war room). Speaking to Chicago Media he even said that he’d had no calls with them and other than speaking to the coaches briefly he wasn’t even aware there was an interest there.

This sounds an awful lot like the Houston Texans with Brock last year. No meetings, no calls and that turned into no production. You’re telling me that you’re going to draft a player number one and you don’t even have a proper meeting with him. That wouldn’t happen in any other profession in the world. It feels like they ad libbed.

The Bears didn’t even know that Cleveland wasn’t going to take him. About two hours before was when it got leaked that the Browns were going to take Myles Garrett. The Bears entire draft strategy rested on a split decision rather than them doing what they had to to move up and get the man they wanted.

If a mechanic told me to pass on a car, then I’m probably going to pass on it. The two offensive minds at the start of the draft both said they were going to pass on the quarterback whereas the defensive minded coach John Fox was stuck in the room with the team that liked him.

The reports are suggesting that John Fox wasn’t even consulted over the pick. This doesn’t sound great and the sharks are circling in the Chicago.



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