As the season comes to an end, analyse how top teams make their goals



The Chicago Bears are a mess

Wow. Reports are surfacing today that John Fox, head coach of the Chicago Bears, didn’t even know they were going to draft Mitchell Trubisky in the first round. This is why Chicago felt like ad libbing to me.

I’m not saying Cleveland are the best run organisation in the world but they would have had to have been idiotic to pass on him at number one and then get him later. You just don’t do that. When it comes to a franchise quarterback, the NFL draft usually gives you one a year. If the team who is drafting number one overall needs a quarterback and doesn’t take him, that tells you something. They’d rather think about the veterans in the league, or the host of promising players coming out in the next couple of years.

I know it’s a shock but I’m actually giving Cleveland credit for not being a complete calamity for once. Continue reading “The Chicago Bears are a mess”

2017 NFL Draft – Who added the most value?

Lets simplify things. The NFL has two seasons. August to the Super Bowl, that’s the game season. Then you have after the Super Bowl to August, which is lets get new players season.

I’m not one of these guys that believe you can reshape your team through the draft. Lets be honest, even guys like Mel Kiper know that it’s coin flip time with a lot of these players. I watch a lot of college football but half of these players I have never even heard of. The idea that you can completely revamp your team through the draft is ridiculous. It’s going to be trades, free agency, acquisitions and then the draft. Continue reading “2017 NFL Draft – Who added the most value?”

Is LeBron James the most composed player in the NBA?

For a long time there was this view that LeBron James isn’t clutch. Yet, yesterday, he had the key three pointer, steal and rebound to win the game. I’ve always thought LeBron’s clutch.

I’m always very cautious about clutch statistics because you look at these numbers where Paul George is 2 in 32 when it comes to game winning shots, yesterday he shot an air ball with the game on the line. I think we can all agree that George doesn’t seem like the same player in the last minute of a game. You have to acknowledge that Tom Brady always feels clutch. I do think there are players who thrive or at least maintain in those situations. It’s the same with Derek Jeter who was just unflappable at the end of an innings. Continue reading “Is LeBron James the most composed player in the NBA?”

What a night for LeBron!

28 points, seven rebounds, six assists, no turnovers and plus 30 differential. That’s just the second half!! That may be the greatest stat line ever for an NBA player in terms of production and efficiency in playoff history.

All I hear is that Russell Westbrook has no talent around him and so has to take those shots. Did you see what LeBron was running with in the second half? Channing Frye, Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, J.R Smith and Tristan Thompson. Not exactly world beaters.

For LeBron it wasn’t just a compilation of numbers, once again he played more minutes than any other player. In fact even on his own team only J.R was even close with 31 minutes compared to Lebron’s 45.

LeBron and Matthew Delebadova took the record breaking Warriors to six games a couple years ago and you’re telling me Westbrook plays with nobody? Continue reading “What a night for LeBron!”

Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s Russell Westbrook

The NFL has a Russell Westbrook, his name is Adrian Peterson. It’s been confirmed that he is going to sign with the Saints I don’t know why people care. To me, he’s the most overrated football player over the last 20 years in the league.

Like Westbrook he has an MVP. Both of them didn’t deserve it.

The Saints already have a running back named Mark Ingram, who’s coming off a career year so I don’t really understand the move from the teams point of view. Adrian Peterson won his MVP and in actual fact he was only worth a point with and without him. How many points do you think Brady and Ryan are worth? This is what I’m always saying about Westbrook. You fall in love with his triple doubles but with all of his turnovers and selfishness he isn’t good enough to win a title. Continue reading “Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s Russell Westbrook”