The Chicago Bears are a mess

Wow. Reports are surfacing today that John Fox, head coach of the Chicago Bears, didn’t even know they were going to draft Mitchell Trubisky in the first round. This is why Chicago felt like ad libbing to me.

I’m not saying Cleveland are the best run organisation in the world but they would have had to have been idiotic to pass on him at number one and then get him later. You just don’t do that. When it comes to a franchise quarterback, the NFL draft usually gives you one a year. If the team who is drafting number one overall needs a quarterback and doesn’t take him, that tells you something. They’d rather think about the veterans in the league, or the host of promising players coming out in the next couple of years.

I know it’s a shock but I’m actually giving Cleveland credit for not being a complete calamity for once. Continue reading “The Chicago Bears are a mess”


2017 NFL Draft – Who added the most value?

Lets simplify things. The NFL has two seasons. August to the Super Bowl, that’s the game season. Then you have after the Super Bowl to August, which is lets get new players season.

I’m not one of these guys that believe you can reshape your team through the draft. Lets be honest, even guys like Mel Kiper know that it’s coin flip time with a lot of these players. I watch a lot of college football but half of these players I have never even heard of. The idea that you can completely revamp your team through the draft is ridiculous. It’s going to be trades, free agency, acquisitions and then the draft. Continue reading “2017 NFL Draft – Who added the most value?”

Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s Russell Westbrook

The NFL has a Russell Westbrook, his name is Adrian Peterson. It’s been confirmed that he is going to sign with the Saints I don’t know why people care. To me, he’s the most overrated football player over the last 20 years in the league.

Like Westbrook he has an MVP. Both of them didn’t deserve it.

The Saints already have a running back named Mark Ingram, who’s coming off a career year so I don’t really understand the move from the teams point of view. Adrian Peterson won his MVP and in actual fact he was only worth a point with and without him. How many points do you think Brady and Ryan are worth? This is what I’m always saying about Westbrook. You fall in love with his triple doubles but with all of his turnovers and selfishness he isn’t good enough to win a title. Continue reading “Adrian Peterson is the NFL’s Russell Westbrook”

Antonio Brown gets $68M extension

There are certain things that I value that other people don’t. That’s not saying what you value is wrong. I have never valued watches, I don’t need fashion on my wrist when I have phone that tells the time. People spend a lot of money on watches, boats, cars and I’ve just never seen the value in them. Then there are things I do value more than others, for instance, reliable co-workers and decent toilet paper, never go cheap on that.

In NFL in general everyone values the star receiver and yesterday in Pittsburgh they went insane. They are giving Antonio brown, a top 5 player at his position, $18M a year. That’s a million dollars a Sunday. That is something I would never do. If I give you the Patriot receivers they have a seven man corps that earns a combined $19M. In the build up for the Superbowl everyone was obsessed with how New England were going to cover Julio Jones yet it was Atlanta’s running backs that did all the damage in their early lead. In week 3 of the regular season Julio had one catch and his team still scored 45 points. Twice this year they were without him and still scored 40 plus. When Atlanta got a good offensive line and dangerous running backs they made a run at the Superbowl, it wasn’t Julio. Continue reading “Antonio Brown gets $68M extension”

Deshaun Watson is a better version of Johnny Manziel

I watched the NFL combine and there seems to be a split decision on all of these quarterbacks as it continues to be the make or break position in sport. I’m going to go with the kid out of Clemson, Deshaun Watson.

I’m not saying he’s Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers. I don’t want to hear about ceiling. People keep saying that he has a lot less potential than Deshone Kizer. Ceiling is a luxury item when you’re average. To me if you have the number one pick, Myles Garrett is a luxury item, as incredibly talented as he is I think you should trade him and get four players. How many ceiling guys does New England have? How many ceiling guys does Atlanta have after Julio Jones? Continue reading “Deshaun Watson is a better version of Johnny Manziel”

Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (10-1)

Here are my top 10 prospects available in the 2017 NFL draft.

10. Reuben Foster, Alabama, line-backer

He did have that slip up in Indy when he was sent home from the combine but if you look past some of his immaturities you see a great physical line-backer with tremendous speed, side-line to side-line.

9. Leonard Fournette, LSU, Running back

Similar to Adrian Peterson coming into the NFL, he his fully ready for the physical tests that await him. I don’t think he is quite as versatile as Christian McCaffery so for me he is the second best running back available. A team gets an immediate 1000 yard rusher. Continue reading “Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (10-1)”