All about the NBA as the first round gets decided

Should the Clippers dump Blake Griffin?

I’ve been pretty good at recognising when certain players are going to become stars. I never bought into Melo and I never bought into Blake Griffin. I used to call him the best volleyball player in the league because he can’t shoot the ball from further than nine feet.

I watched the Clippers against the Jazz last night and it was clear that Chris Paul was the best player on the floor. It wasn’t even close. I know that he might not be beloved across the league but I don’t care. Hell, Michael Jordan punched teammates yet they all jumped on his bandwagon.

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All of about the NBA as the playoffs get underway

The Kawhi Leonard love fest


Kawhi is an excellent player and I’m really excited to watch him progress as he continues his career. However, here’s what I know. In the next round he won’t be the best player in the series James Harden will be. If he gets past the Rockets then he won’t be the best player in the next round, Durant will be. Even if he gets through that test he won’t be the best player in the finals, LeBron will be.

We need to slow down on this whole ‘Kawhi is the best player in the league’ thing. How many times in his ‘illustrious’ career has scored more than 40 points? The answer is once. What do you think his career high in assists is? It’s on seven. Since he’s come into the league, LeBron James, the actual best player in the league, has had more than that 213 times. Continue reading “All of about the NBA as the playoffs get underway”

Antonio Brown gets $68M extension

There are certain things that I value that other people don’t. That’s not saying what you value is wrong. I have never valued watches, I don’t need fashion on my wrist when I have phone that tells the time. People spend a lot of money on watches, boats, cars and I’ve just never seen the value in them. Then there are things I do value more than others, for instance, reliable co-workers and decent toilet paper, never go cheap on that.

In NFL in general everyone values the star receiver and yesterday in Pittsburgh they went insane. They are giving Antonio brown, a top 5 player at his position, $18M a year. That’s a million dollars a Sunday. That is something I would never do. If I give you the Patriot receivers they have a seven man corps that earns a combined $19M. In the build up for the Superbowl everyone was obsessed with how New England were going to cover Julio Jones yet it was Atlanta’s running backs that did all the damage in their early lead. In week 3 of the regular season Julio had one catch and his team still scored 45 points. Twice this year they were without him and still scored 40 plus. When Atlanta got a good offensive line and dangerous running backs they made a run at the Superbowl, it wasn’t Julio. Continue reading “Antonio Brown gets $68M extension”

Deshaun Watson is a better version of Johnny Manziel

I watched the NFL combine and there seems to be a split decision on all of these quarterbacks as it continues to be the make or break position in sport. I’m going to go with the kid out of Clemson, Deshaun Watson.

I’m not saying he’s Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers. I don’t want to hear about ceiling. People keep saying that he has a lot less potential than Deshone Kizer. Ceiling is a luxury item when you’re average. To me if you have the number one pick, Myles Garrett is a luxury item, as incredibly talented as he is I think you should trade him and get four players. How many ceiling guys does New England have? How many ceiling guys does Atlanta have after Julio Jones? Continue reading “Deshaun Watson is a better version of Johnny Manziel”

Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (10-1)

Here are my top 10 prospects available in the 2017 NFL draft.

10. Reuben Foster, Alabama, line-backer

He did have that slip up in Indy when he was sent home from the combine but if you look past some of his immaturities you see a great physical line-backer with tremendous speed, side-line to side-line.

9. Leonard Fournette, LSU, Running back

Similar to Adrian Peterson coming into the NFL, he his fully ready for the physical tests that await him. I don’t think he is quite as versatile as Christian McCaffery so for me he is the second best running back available. A team gets an immediate 1000 yard rusher. Continue reading “Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (10-1)”

Predicting all the first round 2017 NBA playoff match ups

It’s crunch time people. No more sitting out games, this is the time of year that really matters in the NBA.

1 Boston vs Bulls 8.

To me this is the big upset watch. Now I know Chicago can’t shoot the ball all that affectively but they have the experience on their side and a toughness that is up there with the best. Dwayne Wade who’s won titles, Rondo who knows that team very well and arguably they have the best player in the series, Jimmy Butler.  I think this goes to seven games! I don’t have the guts to say that the Bulls come out on top but I think it will be very close. In the end though with their coach, defence and deeper bench, Boston will win it. Continue reading “Predicting all the first round 2017 NBA playoff match ups”

Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (20-11)

20. John Ross, Washington, Wide receiver

He ran a record 4.22 combine 40 yard dash but he’s not just straight line speed. He has a great catch radius and adjusts as well as any to the deep ball. this guy is a game changer and will be an impact player day one.

19. Dalvin Cook, FSU, Running back

He has to get over some red flags, injuries and an inability to always hold on to the football is going to be the big question mark. If he can overcome those then his home run threat and pass catching ability out of the back field will carry him through. Continue reading “Top 50 NFL Draft prospects (20-11)”